Effective studying

Effective studying

Building towards success

How you study needs to be effective. It needs to bring you confidence as you approach the exams - and build towards your success in them.

Whether you study at college, use a distance learning course or self study, you will spend a significant amount of time studying on your own.

Make sure you use your time effectively.

Plan it

Create a study plan and stick to it - you will get a real sense of achievement and satisfaction when you tick sections off.

Work out how much time you need to give to studying.

Be realistic as you plan your study time. Devote as much time as you can to study - but do include leisure activities and social commitments. Set targets which are achievable.

How many hours per week?

It is not the sheer quantity of hours that you study that matter but the quality - you can judge this quality by its effectiveness.

As a rough guide, we suggest that an average IPT student should spend four to six hours studying per week per paper over a semester. Obviously some students can successfully study less than this and others may need more time.

Remember that the time devoted to studying usually increases just before the exam - so the three to four hours is an average over the whole period of study.

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