Study Skills

1)Improving Your Study Skills

Shelley O'Hara, "Improving Your Study Skills "

Cliffs Notes (June 17, 2005) | ISBN:0764578030 | 216 pages | PDF | 1,5 Mb

Sports, extracurricular activities, your job, hangin' with friends—you have a life! You simply don't have time to spend hours studying every day! Improving Your Study Skills helps you really get cracking when you do crack the books. It helps you cram a lot of learning into a little time with tips on:
Using technology to study and work more efficiently
Organizing your time and space
Note-taking and organization
Strengthening your reading skills
Choosing classes strategically
Getting the typical "100f your grade" for class participation
Using the library and other resources efficiently
Writing papers—from choosing the theme to proofing
Studying for tests and overcoming the jitters
Strategies for taking various types of tests

Whether you're in high school or college—an average student, an honors student, or barely getting by—Improving Your Study Skills will help you up your grades without giving up your life.

With Improving Your Study Skills, CliffsNotes—the resource that helps millions get to and through college—now helps you study smart and study less.

2) Study Skills for Successful Students

Title:Study Skills for Successful Students
Author:Fred Orr
Publisher:Allen & Unwin Pty., Limited (Australia)
Book Binding:Paperback
Price: $10.95
Category: Education / Teaching
Format: PDF
Pages: 136 pages
Size: 2.28 MB

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