Office Politics

Office Politics - The Unorganized Crime by Anuj Anand
The Italian have the Mafia, Columbians have Cartels, Mexicans have Gangs, Chinese have Triads, Russians have Mobs, Jamacians have Gangsters, Japanese have Yazukas and Organizations have Office Politics.

All except the last one in this world, are so Powerful that they rule and it is just not possible for any one to enter and control any of the group, But Organizations are the ones, where you have a chance of mastering the way the game is played and then become the invincible to the game.

Office politics may be considered to be a fact of business life, it can cause problems both inside and outside company walls.

But it’s actually ingrained in the fabric of an organization so can’t easily be changed.

Majority of the people say that when it comes to office politics in their organizations, the reason things are the way they are is because of culture and the kind of people who work there and neither of these can be changed easily.

The senior managers don’t have the ability to deal with this escalating problem, so they ignore it, since it doesn’t affect them.

It is not just their inability but also the lack of knowledge, mainly because what happens at the ground level is something that they are not concerned of as they have to look at the bigger picture always, and why not, that is what they are supposed to do. It is the duty of the middle level management to take care of these issues.

In large companies ambitions drive office politics and in smaller organizations it is employees. Another and the Most important aspect is the HUMAN MIND which leads to a particular behaviour which in turn leads to development of culture in an organistion which again leads to unpleasant atmosphere that we call OFFICE POLITICS!!




Office Politics: Positive Results from Fair Practices by Rebecca Luhn-Wolfe

Designed to be used by workers at all levels, this innovative new book addresses both the positive and negative aspects of office politics.

It not only explains why political situations are so common, it also shows how you can use them to your benefit.

Learn how to confidently and diplomatically respond to unfair situations, and even how to recover from your own political blunders.

Discover the five simple rules of office politics that will enhance your career.

The importance of mutual understanding and respect in dealing with office politics is emphasized, but tips of recognizing devious tactics are also provided.





Survive Office Politics: How to Steer a Course Through Minefields at Work

All workplaces are affected by the intrigues of office politics, and in many businesses who you know can be more important than what you know.

Survive office politics is full of advice on how to cope with difficult situations and people and get on with your job.

This book offers practical help on how to keep cool under pressure, watch out for danger signs, deal with a difficult situation, and work out who is doing what and why.

It features a quiz, step-by-step guidance, top tips, common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them, summaries of key points, and lists of handy books and weblinks.


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